Monday, September 8, 2008

Memory Lane Monday's ~ Regifting . . . Redefined!

It seems most of my Memory Lane Monday's involve something about my Dad. This one is no different. Daddy was SO HARD to buy something for - like a Christmas gift. We dreaded that day coming because it was absolute agony trying to find something he might like. To make it worse on us, he never liked anything we gave him, and he would make sure we knew that too! I can only think of one or two gifts I gave him that he actually used. One was a plaid shirt.

Daddy was a perfectionist and kept everything he owned, no matter what it was, spotless clean at all times. So I thought a CarVac would be a great idea for him, and so did everyone else. I bought it and wrapped it up really nice for him and put it under the tree. I was so excited thinking I had bought him something he might actually want, or at least not hate!

Christmas came and when he opened his gift, he was not the least bit pleased and proceeded to tell me he already had one. I apologized (although I don't know why) and thought that might be the end of it, as he left with the CarVac tucked safely away under his arm. But nooooo! The next day, he returned with the gift and asked if I had the receipt so he could return it! When I couldn't find the receipt, he asked if I would just buy it back from him. Yes, you heard right. He wanted me to give him the money I'd spent on the CarVac and he would just give it back to me. I agreed thinking I could probably use it around the house, so I gave him the $25.00 it cost me. But that wasn't good enough. He wanted to make sure I also paid him the sales tax!

So now I'm stuck with a CarVac that I paid for twice and only have one CarVac to show for it! I'm not good at math, but this just doesn't seem right!! But in Daddy's defense, he didn't want or like the stupid gift and I didn't either. So I guess it was a draw - other than being out another $ tax!

Merry Christmas to me!


  1. What a riot. I've heard of ungrateful "receivers" before, but never ever any "giver" who's had to rebuy the gift. Too funny. Sad about Don Haskins...I hadn't heard...I moved all weekend and didn't hear anything. So thanks for that post!

  2. I don't know how you two turned out as well as you did...

  3. P.S. I love the new intro on your sidebar. Surely you came up with that, right, Bob? Does my mom EVER do anything on this blog? Does she even read it? For shame...

  4. hahaha, you are TOO funny!! Your blog is hilarious. I'm so glad I found you two. My mom and I always had fun with you on Sundays. What a funny story, and what a good daughter you are. haha. WOW. Our blog is

  5. I am having a hard time laughing at this post - it is just too unbelievable! I'm feeling myself getting defensive of you, Bob!