Friday, May 30, 2008

Fodder and flotsam.

What a way to describe yourself! Patti and Kristin are right tho, when they say Patti does provide most of the hilarity of our mundane lives. (I hope everyone is reading the comments as there's alot going on there!)

I believe the phrase Patti was subject to by a 'very close relative' was, "You're nothing but a piece of flotsam floating around on the sea of life." This person made Patti and Rico and I feel really great about ourselves! I never thought Patti was flotsam. She was sweet and kind and didn't deserve to be called anything derogatory. She's a "queen," remember?!?!

Our cousin Bill Coon, passed away Wednesday morning (May 28, 2008) after a long illness. I don't have the words to describe what a great man he was. We always had a joke for each other every Sunday at church. He was a loving, caring, good and righteous man. There are few like him in the world today, and to lose him leaves a permanent hole no one can fill.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Patti's Blogging Job Description

Ok everyone, we have a start to Patti's Blogging Job Description. Ben suggested she be in charge of uploading pictures. That's a great start since she already moved in on the one and only space for "About Us" by posting a picture of her and her grandson Johnny, instead one of her and Bobbi! Keep coming back to this post as I will update Patti's job description as more ideas come in! Good job, Ben! Troy also thinks this is a good idea. So start uploading Pat! Of course, I still have to upload the "crown" picture.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A favor?

Patti and Bobbi would love it if our readers who leave all those wonderful comments, would please sign your name, especially if you comment anonymously. If you don't want to give your email address, that's OK. For us, it's nice to know who our "devoted readers" are! This of course, doesn't apply to Patti, who continues to post comments to her OWN BLOG!! I don't think she grasps the concept of blogging yet. It seems she expects Bobbi to write the blog, and her only contribution is to post irrelevant comments to what Bobbi writes. Maybe our readers can help me come up with some type of blogging job description for Patti.

Regarding the forthcoming pictures ~ I will do my best to get those posted either this week, or next, when life slows down a bit. Bobbi tried to post her own picture to the "About Us" section but had too many problems. She thinks the problem is Patti took up the only spot when she posted her picture first. When Bobbi tried, the picture was huge and took up the entire page, which was OK with her, but Patti "whiiiined" about it.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Baby Shower!

Today we had a baby shower for a sister from church. Before everyone arrived we were sitting in the den with another person who was helping us and we wondered if the guest of honor had even been told about the shower. Sandra hadn't told her, Patti hadn't told her and neither had Bobbi. We were dumbstruck! What if she didn't know?? What would we do?? But in a few minutes the doorbell rang and here came Amy Bartlett with Eun Hee in tow. What a relief!

The shower was like most others - a couple of games. These games were hard tho, and there was the potential of offending either the new mom or the new dad, or both! I think we all felt a little uncomfortable. Then we had to identify nine different kinds of baby food. I don't like shower games!

Bobbi provided the house which is always an ordeal because she works herself into a frenzy with last minute cleaning. Patti and Sandra brought all the food and it was very tasty. Patti also ordered a carrot cake from Costco. She asked them to decorate it for a baby shower and they went to town! It had a large, short-legged, garish yellow stork with pink hair and two eyes on one side of it's head. Then they swirled red, blue, yellow and pink icing loops all over it! It looked as if it came from the Taco Town PanaderĂ­a. Patti refused to put the cake on the food table because it was so hideous, and she didn't want anyone to know she brought it. Even Sandra said, "It looks like a Mexican cake!" It tasted pretty good tho.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Crown Affair

In order to understand this part of the blog, you really need to read the comments, especially the "anonymous" post from Patti. The comments have become a story in and of themselves! I wasn't going to bring up the crown ordeal, but since Patti did, the game is on!


In all fairness to Patti, she didn't wear a "crown" on her 16th birthday. It was a tiara. After more than 45 years, the picture taken of our family taken that night re-surfaced, and when I showed it to our elderly mother, she said, among other things, " . . . and there's Patti with her crown!" Patti also wore a baby blue satin dress made by mother. Another unfortunate thing for Patti is she may have been wearing her crystal-blue cat-eye glasses, but I'm not sure about that. The picture will tell the story. None of us are catwalk material, but Patti looks particularly special.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

"Love, Patti."

Where is the anonymity in an anonymous comment signed "Love, Patti??" If Patti persists in this on-going denial (and I don't really blame her) of her wearing a crown on her 16th birthday in front of the Kingston Trio, no less, I will have to start posting pictures. This goes back to the original post that we all remember things differently, but the camera usually gets it right. It may take me a while to find that picture, but it will be available for all the world to see soon . . . and it's a gem!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Sunday hats

A friend of ours has brought back the wonderful old tradition of wearing elegant hats. This past Sunday, Patti wrote a note telling me she had given the woman the hat she was wearing that day so she wouldn't sue Patti for Gunner's attack on the woman's butt! When I showed Rocky the note, he responded with "Patti should be sued for giving the woman that hat!" I couldn't stop laughing! Then Patti couldn't stop laughing. Nothing much changes with us!

Joseph again...

Saturday night Rocky and I went to see the "Joseph" production in it's entirety. I am still amazed at how well the kids did. Rocky had a great seat because he was on the end. A tall woman sat in front of me and a taller man in front of her, so I had to keep moving my head from side to side and I could hear the woman behind me (who will remain nameless) sighing real loud because I must have been obstructing her view, which is hard to believe for anyone who's seen me!

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

Thursday, May 15th we were asked to be backstage hands at a church play. Our job included making sure the kids got on and off the stage on time, taking microphones off one actor and putting them on another as there was a severe microphone shortage, seeing that the actors didn't have their costumes on wrong side out, etc. The kids were so well prepared, there wasn't much for us to do except be demoted to low level hall monitors. So eventually we watched the performance instead of helping. It was amazing how well the 5th Ward kids did. What an impressive event!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

In the beginning a blog was created.

Three of our kids have their own blogs, so not to be outdone, Patti and Bobbi, sisters extraordinaire, decided to create our own blog. We have both decided neither of us has much going on in our lives of any real interest to anyone, but be that as it may, we're going to give this our best shot.

We had many laughs (until Patti started wheezing and we had to stop) trying to decide what to say and still didn't come up with anything one might consider a "good start." We hope our stories have some semblence of chronology, but there will be times when we just have to get it in writing before the idea escapes us. As with many sisters, partners, friends, etc. we all tend to remember different things about the same event, which helps us fill in the blanks. Then there are other times when the events one of us remembers just didn't happen! This will create alot of "behind the scenes" drama between us, but our readers won't see that. "Our readers" . . . that's a good one!