Friday, May 30, 2008

Fodder and flotsam.

What a way to describe yourself! Patti and Kristin are right tho, when they say Patti does provide most of the hilarity of our mundane lives. (I hope everyone is reading the comments as there's alot going on there!)

I believe the phrase Patti was subject to by a 'very close relative' was, "You're nothing but a piece of flotsam floating around on the sea of life." This person made Patti and Rico and I feel really great about ourselves! I never thought Patti was flotsam. She was sweet and kind and didn't deserve to be called anything derogatory. She's a "queen," remember?!?!

Our cousin Bill Coon, passed away Wednesday morning (May 28, 2008) after a long illness. I don't have the words to describe what a great man he was. We always had a joke for each other every Sunday at church. He was a loving, caring, good and righteous man. There are few like him in the world today, and to lose him leaves a permanent hole no one can fill.


  1. Bill Coon?? That's really sad. I liked him. Who knew we were related?

  2. Hey, Bobbi, why did you take the live feed meter off? Didn't you like the work my mom did on the blog? She was even going to put on some music, but couldn't find any that would annoy you enough....