Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A favor?

Patti and Bobbi would love it if our readers who leave all those wonderful comments, would please sign your name, especially if you comment anonymously. If you don't want to give your email address, that's OK. For us, it's nice to know who our "devoted readers" are! This of course, doesn't apply to Patti, who continues to post comments to her OWN BLOG!! I don't think she grasps the concept of blogging yet. It seems she expects Bobbi to write the blog, and her only contribution is to post irrelevant comments to what Bobbi writes. Maybe our readers can help me come up with some type of blogging job description for Patti.

Regarding the forthcoming pictures ~ I will do my best to get those posted either this week, or next, when life slows down a bit. Bobbi tried to post her own picture to the "About Us" section but had too many problems. She thinks the problem is Patti took up the only spot when she posted her picture first. When Bobbi tried, the picture was huge and took up the entire page, which was OK with her, but Patti "whiiiined" about it.


  1. You're right, Bob. My mom doesn't grasp it. She needs professional help.

  2. I'm a devout reader, Mom. I love how I can hear you speak when I read your blog. You both are so funny. You should have Patti be in charge of uploading pictures.

  3. Boy, thank goodness for Mom, who doesn't mind being the butt of all of her sister's hilarious jabs. What would we do without her?

  4. To Kristin and our 6 other devout readers:

    Thanks, Krissie, for that very sensitive and astute comment since I do supply a lot of fodder for the stories. Fodder, by the way, is defined as a person or thing used only for a specific purpose - in which case I do a darn good job! Of course, Bobbi would be funny without me - she's always been the funny one - but I do make it easier therefore making her look better!

    Love, Patti

  5. Comment continued - So I don't mind being "fodder" - it's a lot better than being "flotsam" as a close relative of mine used to regularly call me when I was a teenager!

    Patti again