Wednesday, May 21, 2008

"Love, Patti."

Where is the anonymity in an anonymous comment signed "Love, Patti??" If Patti persists in this on-going denial (and I don't really blame her) of her wearing a crown on her 16th birthday in front of the Kingston Trio, no less, I will have to start posting pictures. This goes back to the original post that we all remember things differently, but the camera usually gets it right. It may take me a while to find that picture, but it will be available for all the world to see soon . . . and it's a gem!!


  1. Bobbi, I believe you and I can't wait to see the picture!

  2. P.S. My mom signs anonymously because she doesn't know what else to click. I told her to just click that one time when I was talking her through how to make a comment on my page and from here on out, I think that is what she is going to click. See, it's the change thing that she struggles with.

  3. Bobbi, you should be one of the hostesses on The View. You are just too funny.