Wednesday, May 14, 2008

In the beginning a blog was created.

Three of our kids have their own blogs, so not to be outdone, Patti and Bobbi, sisters extraordinaire, decided to create our own blog. We have both decided neither of us has much going on in our lives of any real interest to anyone, but be that as it may, we're going to give this our best shot.

We had many laughs (until Patti started wheezing and we had to stop) trying to decide what to say and still didn't come up with anything one might consider a "good start." We hope our stories have some semblence of chronology, but there will be times when we just have to get it in writing before the idea escapes us. As with many sisters, partners, friends, etc. we all tend to remember different things about the same event, which helps us fill in the blanks. Then there are other times when the events one of us remembers just didn't happen! This will create alot of "behind the scenes" drama between us, but our readers won't see that. "Our readers" . . . that's a good one!


  1. Bobbi, every single thing you wrote was hilarious! Keep it up! Did my mom contribute at all? Or was this a clandestine post?

  2. I am commenting on my own blog on the remark that Bobbi made regarding "some things just didn't happen!" Such as when Bobbi claims that I wore a "crown" out to dinner in Juarez on my 16th birthday.
    That "non-event" definitely belongs in the "some things just didn't happen" category. Love, Patti

  3. Oh man, this is gonna be good!