Monday, August 4, 2008

Memory Lane Mondays - Dallas vs. the 49'ers

Back in October, 1993, Rocky was given a trip for two from one of the hospitals to Dallas to see the Cowboys play against the San Francisco 49'ers. He decided he'd stay home and gave the trip to Patti and I. We were THRILLED, as you can imagine. That was when the two teams were rivals and Troy Aikman and Steve Young quarterbacked against each other. We also got to see Emmit Smith and Jerry Rice. It was SO exciting.

We flew to Dallas, but not before promising Mother we wouldn't act like a couple of hayseeds! She's a diehard Cowboy's fan and didn't want to be embarassed by her daughters. I'm sure we broke our promise more than a few times.

The plane ride was fun because there were other Cowboy fans there, and of course the bus ride from the hotel to the stadium was nothing but Cowboy fans! We could hardly contain ourselves.

From the seat numbers on the tickets, it "appeared" we had pretty good seats, but in reality, they were on the very top row (and that's pretty high at Texas Stadium) and it was hot and humid and sticky. At first we thought it wouldn't be all that bad because our section was shaded with a huge awning, but all that did was become a death trap for the brutally hot Dallas air. There was absolutely NO circulation!!! It was all good tho. Nothing could have spoiled it for us.

You can't imagine the excitement and noise when the teams came onto the field. It was such a rush! To be able to see all those talented and famous football players was almost more than we could handle!

We sat right under the press box and we knew John Madden was announcing the game. We both LOVE John Madden and his silly little drawings. So we probably spent 3/4 of the game trying to look thru the darkened glass to get a look him! Mother would have been so embarassed and ashamed of us!

Seeing the Ring of Honor almost brought tears to my eyes. Bob Lilly (he's my hero), Roger Staubach, Don Meredith, Too Tall Jones - all those great Dallas Cowboys were all honored there. The following week, Tom Landry's name went up. I wish we could have been there for that.

After the game we drove around Dallas and did some shopping. Patti and I both like to buy Christmas ornaments from places we visit, and we both bought these wooden stars, painted like the Texas flag, and were decorated with a rustic wire hanger and raffia. After 15 years, this is still my favorite Christmas ornament! It brings back so many great memories of the fun Patti and I had!!


  1. Hey, Bob! I also have such great memories of that trip! Remember when we walked into the concourse of the stadium and looked all around all awestruck like a couple of hicks? I loved the huge screens they showed the replays on, too - which I had never seen before. Remember how we cheered the replays just like the actual plays? I always remember, too, that Rocky handed me a $100 bill before we left for Dallas so I'd have plenty of spending $. It was an all-around fantastic trip - we had so much fun!

  2. I never have heard about this trip - what a great memory! Everyone should get to go to a Cowboy's game at least once in their lifetime. And everyone should have a best friend sister to do it with.