Friday, August 1, 2008

A few things Bobbi loves . . .

We were going to try to keep this funny and ridiculous, but now that it seems we're running out of things to say, I'll tell you a few things I love! Patti has a huge advantage because she has "all those grandkids!" I DON'T HAVE ANY GRANDKIDS, only grand dogs. Isn't that the most pathetic thing you've ever heard?

1. I love my best friend, Rocky.

2. I love my other best friend, Patti.

3. I love my doggies, Xander and Bo.

4. I love my three boys, Trevor, Troy and Ben.

5. I also love my daughters-in-law, Beth and Ayrel.

6. Alone time is a wonderful thing, but not too much of it.

7. Naps! Hmmmmm, nothing better

8. I love Victoria, British Columbia.

9. Listening to an audiobook is OK, but I'd much rather read a great book. I love the smell and feel of a good book to curl up with on the couch.

10. I love my mom. She is so awesome.

11. All of Patti's grandkids are so fantastic, and I love them all too.

12. Ranier cherries - I can eat them until I'm nauseated! Ask Patti.

13. Accomplishing a craft and actually displaying it. This rarely happens. That's why it's such a treat!

14. Swimming is the best even tho I don't do it as often as I should. It's all about the bathing suit!

15. I love it when I accomplish everything I have on my mental (or paper) list for the day.

16. Making it through all 3 hours of church is hard sometimes, but always worth it.

17. Receiving an unexpected surprise just because someone was thinking about me

18. Thanksgiving - my favorite holiday

19. Driving around town looking at Christmas lights. Also going to Ruidoso during the Christmas season

20. UTEP football and basketball games

21. Jimmy Buffett concerts

22. Sitting on the couch with my feet up, listening to Luciano Pavarotti

23. I love the Fall season.

24. Snow and cold weather

25. The smells of Christmas

26. I love being a nurse, even though I'm not doing the kind of nursing I really love.


  1. Hey, Bob,

    Thanks for writing that I am your other best friend. You are definitely my best friend along with my kids. A lot of the things you love are the same things I love (UTEP basketball and football for example) with the glaring exception of that boring Jimmy Buffett. I would have to insert James Taylor for that one. BTW, Robyn said we need to make an additional list for our readers entitled "Readers Who Were Never Interested in the First Place" (Mean, huh?)

  2. Bobbi, I love most of the same things you love-fall, christmas smells, granddogs (they love you unconditionally, whereas grandkids sometimes think you smell weird and look haggard). The one thing I don't like is UTEP. heehee!

    I especially love to see you when I'm in El Paso!