Monday, August 25, 2008

Memory Lane Mondays ~ Applets, Grapelets and Cotlets

Years ago I was at Patti's house during the Christmas holidays when she received a package. It turned out to be our Christmas gift from Daddy. We were too excited to wait to put it under the tree, so we just tore into it like wild animals! In the box were three packages of applets, grapelets and cotlets, one for Patti, one for me and one for our brother, Rico. If you don't know what applets, grapelets and cotlets are, they're a gelatinous candy made from the respective fruits (I think) with nuts added and then rolled in powdered sugar. They're pretty disgusting to be honest.

Then one of us noticed a couple of envelopes, one addressed to me and the other to Rico. I opened mine and in it was a Christmas card and $25.00. We looked for an envelope for Patti but couldn't find it. We searched and searched thru the packaging materials and the trash, but hers was no where to be found.

One of us got the bright idea that maybe Daddy might have included Patti's monetary gift in with Rico's. So yes....we opened Rico's card, only to find a nice note from Daddy to Rico, and $50.00!

It's important to know that at this point I had two kids, and Patti had three. I don't think Rico had any kids. This will make sense shortly.

We wondered if Daddy had made a mistake, and how were we going to figure this out?? Finally we decided I would call Daddy and tell him we had received his candy and money gifts and just casually mention Patti didn't get her card. So I made the call and after thanking him for the gifts, I told Daddy that while we were unpacking the box we noticed an envelope for me and Rico only, and if maybe he had forgotten to include Patti's.

Daddy said no, he hadn't forgotten but he didn't think Patti needed any money because she had "all those kids!!" This is one of those moments when I wish I had a picture of Patti's face to show you! Daddy's mind didn't work like most people.

So Merry Christmas Patti! Hope you really enjoyed those applets, grapelets and cotlets that year!!


  1. Mama, I don't know how you came out with a shredd of self esteem in tact!

  2. If you ever want my recipe for aplets and cotlets I will be happy to share - I'm sure they will bring back lots of good memories!