Friday, August 8, 2008

Things I Love About My Little Sister

Bobbi complained in a comment that I left her out of my first list of some of the things I love, but actually I was saving her for this post because I could never convey all I love about her in just one line. So here goes, Bob - a list all about YOU!

I love my sister because:

1. She brings me food when I'm sick, like on Wednesday she brought over homemade chicken and rice soup which was
delicious and really hit the spot.

2. She takes the time to wrap birthday gifts and Christmas presents, etc. in gorgeous paper and ribbons, while I sometimes
dont' wrap gifts at all!

3. She has taken such good care of Mother over the years at great sacrifice.

4. She's hilarious and makes me laugh all the time. My family always knows who I'm talking to on the phone because I get
so hysterical and they want to know what's so funny. When I try to tell them, they just look at me strangely and walk away.
They have no sense of humor.

5. She married "The Rock" who I love and respect and is one of the kindest, gentlest, and most generous men I have ever

6. She made our trip to New York a blast, and along with Robyn teased me unmercifully about all the dumb things I
did. But I just think it's funny when she teases me because Mom always told me that when people tease you, it means
they really like you!

7. She gave birth to Trevor, Troy, and Benjamin, all three of whom I really love and also admire for all their
accomplishments. And I love Beth and Ayrel, too!

8. She chose me to go with her to see the Cowboys play at Texas Stadium when she could have chosen any one of her
myriad of friends instead.

9. She always brings me a prize when she goes on vacation somewhere.

10. She's the best shot giver in the world - you can hardly feel anything at all!

11. I have her to sit with in church and we have way too much fun for sitting in church and I HATE it when she's not there!

12. She's always given me a shoulder to cry on - since we outgrew our childhood, anyway!

13. She didn't kill me (although I'm sure she wanted to) when I permed her hair one time and got distracted with somebody
else during the perm. I left on the chemicals much too long and her hair was completely fried and a total disaster!
When I saw it after she had tried to style it, my first comment was "Is THAT your hair??!!" which didn't endear me to her
any further, but she still didn't try to kill me.

14. She helped me so much in finally accepting Kristin's leg problem when, after hearing me feel sorry for myself for
weeks and asking her for the umpteenth time "why me? she looked straight into my eyes and asked me, "Why NOT you?"
That question really turned my attitude around, let me tell you.

15. She put herself through nursing school as a single mom to two very young little boys, which must have been very

16. She hosts so many wonderful holiday celebrations in a very classy way, whereas my usual idea of classy is to buy nice
paper plates.

17. She always is well put together with classy clothes, shoes, and jewelry.

18. She gave me a shopping spree at Brighton's although she didn't have to. She bought me a beautiful bright red handbag
that I get so many compliments on! I was so proud to have that purse with me when John and Bethany invited me out to
Cafe Central and I was asked if I would like to use a purse rack. I said sure, although I had no idea what a purse rack was.
It turns out that it's a small wooden rack to place a purse on (thus the name "purse rack") instead of just putting it down
on the floor. They don't have those at the restaurants I frequent (McDonald's). I would have been humiliated if I
had been carrying my not-so glamorous needlepoint purse that I probably bought at Target several years ago.

19. She made shopping for our brother's casket a MEMORABLE experience!

20. She's just Little Turkey, the best sister I could ever have!


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  2. Wow, Patti. This brought tears to my eyes. Thank you! And to think I really DID want to kill you after that awful perm. That was horrible! No one has ever said so many nice things about me all at the same time. You're the best sister too, ya know. I guess we're just lucky that we both have the best sister in the world.

  3. That is the sweetest thing I've ever heard in all my life. I had a lot of questions, but you answered them, Mom, so thanks! Now, let's have Bob do one about Mom! (I'll take my money later, Mom...)