Thursday, July 31, 2008

Patti: Things I Love

This will be boring, but I just wanted to write about some things I love, so here goes in no particular order:

1. The cool, quiet summer mornings in the west Texas desert. It's so nice to walk
in my neighborhood before it gets too hot.

2. The fact that my darling grandson, Landon, loves to make really good brownies
and I don't have to when he's around, unless I just want to.

3. Brownies.

4. The velvety skin of my new little twin grandsons - Hyrum and Joseph.

5. The smell of babies after a bath with Baby Magic, although I'm not allowed to use it in the twins' bath - "too many harsh and toxic chemicals" Jen says.

6. The relief I feel after giving a talk in church.

7. A long nap.

8. The smell of men's cologne, preferably on the men.

9. The smell of freshly washed laundry.

10. Most of the songs we sing in choir at church.

11. Trees

12. When my husband, Eddie, makes a special trip to Sonic to buy me a blended float.

13. Getting all our kids together, which is getting harder and harder.

14. Not being too shy anymore.

15. Rain

16. Our kids and all the joy they bring: Jennifer Lynn, Robyn Patricia, Kristin Leigh, Erik Edward, and Kimberly Dawn

17. My grandkids and all the joy they bring: - Bethany Renee, Conor Ellis,
Kyla Aurora, Reid Ammon, Landon James, Claire Hannah, John Mahonri, Joseph
Eduardo, Hyrum Jerome, Camilla Hope, Joseph Hyrum, Rheddick Grant, and Keane

18. Going to the movies.

19. A wonderful and long book.

20. Every room in the house clean and neat. (A rare occurrence!)

21. Rum Raisin ice cream

22. Rum Raisin ice cream with Coke poured over it like a float!


  1. Mom, that was very special...and you even said something nice about ED!

  2. I really liked the things you love and I agree with most of them. But........WHAT ABOUT ME???