Monday, July 21, 2008

Memory Lane Mondays

Where we grew up there was a Dairy Queen a few blocks away from our home and we loved going there! We also had a father who wasn't at all tolerant of kids and some of the stupid things they sometimes do . . . because they're kids!

One day Daddy drove Patti to the Dairy Queen and didn't have enough change for her ice cream cone, so he handed her a $10 bill and told her to walk over to the store next door to get change. She was in the store for what seemed like hours, (Daddy must have been inappropriately dressed or something because he never came in after her) but finally she proudly returned to the car with a paper sack filled with 1,000 pennies, apparently not realizing exactly what the word "change" meant. Daddy, not surprisingly, gave Patti a blistering lecture the gist of which centered around the fact that Patti lacked even a minimal amount of intelligence and made her take all the pennies back to the nice man at the store who had just counted them all out for her. Needless to say, to this day, Patti reminisces about this sweet experience with her Dad every time she sees a Dairy Queen!

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  1. Is that when he called you flotsam floating on the sea of life? Just wondering...