Monday, July 28, 2008

Memory Lane Mondays - The Sunshine Club

When we were little kids, Patti, Rico and I had a club. We called it the Sunshine Club, and we met in the basement of our home. I can't remember what went on in the meetings, but I also can't imagine it was of any world-altering importance. I DO remember Rico was usually in charge, and there was a membership fee of five cents each week. The money went into a cigar box. I was pretty young and every now and then I would take the money and buy all the club members (Patti and Rico) popsicles. They would get so mad at me and call me a stealer and a thief. I never thought of it as stealing . . . I really thought I was doing a good thing! After more than 50 years, Patti continued to bring this up at family events, but to her credit, I don't think it's been mentioned for a while now. Thanks, Doodle Bug.

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