Friday, June 20, 2008

Preparing for the hard times.

I don't know where to begin on this one because part of it is so ridiculous, and the rest of it is beyond mine and Patti's capacity to make sense of it ourselves!

Here's the part that's ridiculous, but you have to remember, this is what we think. We don't know why we think this, but nontheless....

Patti seems to think that when (and if) really hard times hit, she'll be living in her backyard. Her house will be vacant and available to her, but she'll still be in the backyard. I, on the other hand, think I'll be living in my garage, while I have a perfectly good house inches away. But I have a different problem. My house won't be vacant because Osama Bin Laden will be living there with two other men, and of course they won't let us in. This is all faulty thinking, we know, but that's what keeps going thru our minds.

Patti plans on riding her bike to my house as needed with two buckets tied to a
stick across her shoulders, or with jarros on her head, then going back home with water from the pool. This is of course, if she hasn't planned far enough ahead to store an exceptionally large amount of water of her own. She at one time, had quite a lot of wheat, but her tiny little pot-bellied pig Tocino, got into it, ate it all and turned into a huge, disgusting, smelly farm animal-type pig! So FYI, if you have a pot-bellied pig, and you want him to remain small, don't feed him wheat.

Patti thinks I'm an idiot for wanting to have enough dog food around. While Gunner eats pork chops and fried chicken (canned of course), Xander and Bo could drop dead for all she cares!

The part that is "beyond our capacity" will have to wait because I'm off to Houston.


  1. First of all, I LOVE your profile picture! You guys are so cute! Also, that is really weird that you guys think you will live in your backyard and your garage. Now I know where my mom gets her idea. Rob put it in her head one day when he said that when she and dad and his parents got old, we would move into my mom's house and just kind of corral them all in the back yard and check on them every so often. So, the part about her house being empty is faulty thinking. We will be there occupying it. Now where you get your idea about Osama Bin Laden, I have no idea. Do you think he'll mind that "there are no contrasting colors in your kitchen"? Pay close attention to the QUOTES. Those are not my QUOTES. Remember...

  2. Well, hopefully Osama doesn't know what do to with all that wheat of yours, and he'll eventually have to swallow his pride and come knock on your tent flap and ask you haw exactly you do wheat sprouts. A he steps over Xander and Bo's dead bodies.