Friday, June 6, 2008


I wasn't aware this "fun" blog was going to turn into a cat fight! You gotta admit, Patti, roaches in your purse is not a good thing. Besides, when she told me the story about the roach crawling out of her purse, of course she was humiliated, but was also laughing so hard she was wheezing! I guess it's better it happened at an auto parts store on Alameda than Walmart. They're probably used to that sort of thing!

AND if you had seen the chocolate candy bar wrapping, you would have recoiled too. However.....after examining it closely, the candy appeared intact and relatively clean, and fair game. About the offer being made "kindly and generously??" Well, that part is highly debatable. Patti had her thumb on one corner of the candy bar and sort of flipped it at me, kind of like dealing cards, but she never let go of it. I had to pry it from her hands. But it was really good candy! Thanks, Pat.

I'm not delighting in telling our faithful readers about your unfortunate experiences, Patti. But what else are we going to write about? Even Kristen said you provided most of the fodder for our sad, pathetic lives.

Jenny, your comment shook me to my core. It caused me to take account of where my life could be headed and I will snap to immediately!


  1. I was trying really hard to make sure I sat by you two today at church, just in case there was another candy bar in a purse to be shared .... and then you (Bobbi) whip one out in RS during your lesson and I had to restrain myself from running to the front of the class to get dibs on it. I'm sure there were very few people in the room who appreciated the significance of that 1/2 bar of chocolate that you were waving around. I'm still trying to figure out the hidden meaning of the book on Hitler that was part of your display. Good lesson - and I found the answer to your unanswered question, see JSH 1:66-71!

  2. I'm always up for a good book on Hitler - which one was it?